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In order to continue to be successful in our rapidly changing food service environment, sales agencies must be able to adapt to the changing needs of our industry partners.

At American Patriot Sales, our sales force is trained to impart product knowledge to our customers, but with a focus on consultative selling. For the operator, our aim is to help improve profitability by increasing check average and customer count. We enjoy bringing new products to market that create excitement for food service operators.

These fresh ideas, along with our desire to continuously improve our sales skills, result in strong business relationships that will keep our company growing and successful through all the industry’s changes.

We work diligently to understand the changing needs of our distributor partners as well. We focus our asset allocation to produce effective sales growth strategies. These activities include training and various other sales support functions.

Our ability to adapt to their needs is the key to our success in this area. As a company, we have developed the critical mass necessary to effectively support and grow business in our marketplace.

Our people bring the kind of effective relationships with the operator and distributor communities necessary to successfully build business for our business partners.

Adapting to our changing environment requires diligence and continuous improvement. We are committed to working closely with all segments of our industry to get this job done.

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